"Model for cross-border cooperation in management of cultural-historical and natural heritage and development of sustainable tourism – Koprivshtitsa (Bulgaria) and Surdulica (Serbia)"

"The project is co-funded by EU trough the Bulgaria–Serbia IPA Cross-border Programme"

Leader Partner Community Centre "Hadji Nеncho D. Palaveev", Koprivshtitsa – Bulgaria; Partner Surdulica Municipality, Serbia

Koprivshtitsa, Bulgaria - Surdulica, Serbia


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House Museum Georgi Benkovski

House Museum Georgi Benkovski

views: 14901№ 38558.3.410.1

Town of Koprivshtitsa, 5"G.Benkovski" Str.

object type: historical
object statute: Museum
Type of property: national importance
type: municipal
Monument from date: Announced in State Gazette № 53/11.07.1975, under № 370

location: Town of Koprivshtitsa, 5"G.Benkovski" Str.


Gavril Hlatev (Georgi Benkovski) was born here in 1843. He was organizer and leader of the April Uprising, participant in Stara Zagora Uprising. After it failed, he went to Gyurgevo where he participated in meetings of the Gyurgevo Revolutionary Committee and was appointed as assistant of Panayot Volov in IV Panagyurski Revolutionary District. In the spring of 1876, during the uprising preparation of the uprising, he was said to be the leader himself. During the uprising he forms the famous detachment "The Flying Band". After the defeat of the April uprising on 25th Ma he fell into an ambush of Turkish hordes in Kostina River in Teteven Balkan, where he found his doom.
The birthplace of Georgi Benkovski was built in 1831 and is a classic example of suburban wooden house with open veranda and lacy wooden bars.
In 1966 the house was repaired and refurbished as a museum. Photo exhibition traces the life and revolutionary activities of Gavril Gruev Hlatev (Georgi Benkovski). In the exposition is placed a cherry cannon donated by Mihail Madzharov.


The house is completely preserved as form and planned scheme. It has been primary and competently restored. Recently a new repair was made.
It was adapted without any of the details to be damaged. All the elements are preserved except the veranda which is now glazed. 
A new exhibition about the life and work of Georgi Benkovski is now arranged in the house.
The house is of architectural significance and historic value and participates in the ensemble of old buildings at the pedestal of the monument Georgi Benkovski.