"Model for cross-border cooperation in management of cultural-historical and natural heritage and development of sustainable tourism – Koprivshtitsa (Bulgaria) and Surdulica (Serbia)"

"The project is co-funded by EU trough the Bulgaria–Serbia IPA Cross-border Programme"

Leader Partner Community Centre "Hadji Nеncho D. Palaveev", Koprivshtitsa – Bulgaria; Partner Surdulica Municipality, Serbia

Koprivshtitsa, Bulgaria - Surdulica, Serbia


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Lyutova house with farm building

Lyutova house with farm building

views: 13461№ 38558.5.81.1, № 38558.

Town of Koprivshtitsa, 2"Nikola Belovezhdov"Str.


object type: historical
object statute: Museum
Type of property: national importance
type: state
Monument from date: Announced in State Gazette № 53/11.07.1975, under № 92

location: Town of Koprivshtitsa, 2"Nikola Belovezhdov"Str.


Lyutova house is a unique monument of Renaissance architecture, mural paintings and woodcarvings. It was built in 1854 by masters of Plovdiv for Stefan Topalov – a cattle-drover and tax-collector from Koprivshtitsa.  Later the house was sold to the merchant Petko Liutov.
It consists of ground floor and lower floor with a symmetrical layout.  The external decoration is very frugal but the inner mural painting is rich and impressive. Double staircase leads visitors to the second floor where a unique ceiling is to be seen - a composition with an incredible combination of paintings and carvings. It is an ellipse with eight mural medallions that reflect exotic eastern landscapes. From the wooden arbor ceiling hang beautiful chandeliers. In the middle of the ceiling is located an oval wooden sun. The mural paintings and friezes – cornices and niches – are impressive with its exquisite craftsmanship. This rich wall decoration of the house is the second layer made around 1860, probably by order of the second owner, Petko Liutov.

Liutova house is now an ethnographic museum. On the ground floor, there are shown Koprivshtitsa authentic and permanent exhibition of original art by Maria Bodurova, which are donation of museums. The colorful rugs made of wool and were used to cover the floors, and as thick comfortable bedding. They are made at home through specific methods of milling and compression and are decorated with colored wool with natural dyes.
On the second floor is exposed a rose water fountain, which used to irrigate the air in the upper hall. In the blue room is reproduced the urban life of the late nineteenth century. The exposition shows a woman's dress and a traditional home from Koprivsthitsa.


A remarkable building for the town of Koprivsthitsa. The house is in excellent condition and was soon fully repaired and repainted.
It has completely original interior without interference in the planning scheme with unique ceiling, mural paintings and French-fashions.
The business building is rebuilt and serves the needs of the museum.